SuCCess Program

Welcome to the Character Counts SuCCess Program!

Exhibiting the Six Pillars of Character is an excellent way to reach your personal goals while utilizing important values that guide you in your progress. Everyone benefits when we incorporate the Six Pillars into our everyday lives, but now, these Six Pillars can help set you apart from others when it comes to college applications and/or employment applications. By earning the Character Counts SuCCess Award in high school, you will be able to demonstrate to potential colleges and/or employers that you have mastered the meaning of each pillar and have proven yourself to be a person of model character. 


Beginning in 6th grade, SD308 students may begin work on the SuCCess Program. This award is earned by completing the Six Pillar Awards, one for each Pillar of Character.

For each Pillar Award students are required to complete the following:


·        Read a book from the approved lists (see below) which pertain specifically to the pillar they are working on.

·        Watch a movie from the approved lists (see below) which pertain specifically to the pillar they are working on.

·        Achieve 25 hours of community service hours related to the same pillar. Links for volunteer opportunities can be found on the drop down menu above.  You can also check with your high school Student Services office for service hour options or find your own. Only 25 hours AT ONE SITE can be applied toward a pillar award.  Service hours dated prior to registration can NOT be counted toward this award. 

·        Write a cumulative paper encompassing the student’s experiences, following the rubric provided on the link below.

Once you complete the work for a pillar, you can submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your work will be reviewed in a timely manner and you will be notified if the criteria was met or if further information is required.

Upon completion of each Pillar, you will be awarded a certificate of completion at a Character Counts coalition meeting. When you complete all 6 Pillar Awards, you will receive the Character Counts SuCCess Award which will be presented during an Oswego Village Board meeting. Additionally, you will receive a special cord to wear at your high school graduation!

Note:  Students must use the service hour forms through the link below.  You may use the school log sheet, to submit to your high school, but for Character Counts hours to count, they must be on this form! 

Benefits to completing the Character Counts Community Service Award include community involvement, opportunities to help others, the opportunity to develop job skills, improve communication skills, develop community contacts and learn leadership skills. Students are able to use these community service hours to also achieve the Community Service Award at either Oswego High School or Oswego East High School as long as you turn in the service hour forms to your Student Services department in addition to submitting them to Character Counts!

HOW TO GET STARTED:  Students must complete the Registration form before beginning the SuCCess program.  Download the form, complete your information, and email to   Complete the SuCCess Award Registration through the link below. 



SuCCess Award Progress Sheet

Character Counts Coalition Award Rubric for Paper

Character Counts Literature 

Character Counts Movies

Jr High Service Hours Form

OEHS Community Service Hours Sheet

OHS Community Service Hours Sheet

SuCCess Brochure (English) SuCCess Brochure (Spanish)